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Online Coding & Digital Courses for Kids, Educators & Businesses

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What is Coding?

Computer programmers, or 'coders' are people who write step-by-step instructions that can make a computer do something. Coders can tell computers to do maths, make music, draw objects, move objects across a room, or fly a plane!


Computers are everywhere, and we use them all the time to do many different things. We use laptops, desktop computers and tablets but did you know a smartphone is a computer as well!!

What other household or commonly used items use computers?

Every day ATMs (cash machines), washing machines, games consoles and cars, all have computers inside them, and they all follow a set of instructions, called programs, to complete tasks.

Programming Languages

Programs are written in programming languages computers can understand. To tell a computer what to do, you need to learn a programming language. Writing programs is known as coding or programming.

Visual languages like Scratch are easy for beginners to learn, while professional coders use text-based languages.

We will explore and learn text-based programming languages like Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Anyone Can Learn to Code

Anyone can become a 'coder'. To start coding, all you need to learn are a few basic rules and commands, then you are ready to start writing programs and code things like apps, games and solve cool Maths problems.

To become a really good coder, you need to be able to think logically and in order. If the instructions are not clear for the computer to understand or the steps are in the wrong order, the program won't run.

Exploring Programming Languages


Today, nearly all web pages are written using HTML (HyperText MarkUp Language) code. HTML is a great way of creating the basic structure of your webpage. HTML documents are made up of individual HTML elements. Elements are created using Opening and Closing tags. Each tag is the name of the element enclosed in angle brackets (<>). The content goes between the tags. Each HTML tag is an instruction to your web browser, telling it how to show the content on your screen.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that works with HTML to make your web page look good. HTML looks very boring on its own, so you use CSS to change the colour, font and position of text and images. CSS will let you make a piece of text bigger or smaller, change your background colour or position an image in the centre of a page.


JavaScript is a very important programming language because it brings web pages to life by making them interactive. An interactive web page changes when the user does something. So if you want your user to be able to click on a button, or an alert to pop up, you need to use JavaScript. If you use HTML and CSS without JavaScript, you will have a web page that looks great but doesn't respond to the user.


Python is one of the most popular computer programming languages in the world. It is a text-based computer programming language. You write the instructions using a mixture of English words, punctuation characters, symbols and numbers. Python is portable. This means you can write and run Python code on lots of different computers. It is used to build millions of apps, games and websites.

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What They Say:


It is really fun, and it helps me with coding skills.

Ivana - 9 yrs old

I found out about the importance of coding!

Liam - 10 yrs old

I liked that we learnt about coding so I can make websites and games.

Nareg - 10 yrs old

I think it's very creative and an opportunity for kids to make code and build websites.

Eloise - 9 yrs old

I really liked it and I learnt so much from this lesson.

Lachlan - 9 yrs old

Good and fun activities and great coding.

Luke - 11 yrs old

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