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Our Story

Back in October 2016, Coding Workshops for Kids was born. It was started by a Mum with two young kids, eager to introduce creative computing concepts to her own children but when she couldn't find a coding club in her local area, she decided to embark on a journey to set up her own coding club to educate and teach children in her local community.

October 2016: Scratch Programming

Purchased 15 HP laptops (pictured above), downloaded Scratch, a visual computer programming language, signed a hiring agreement with Epping North Public School and conducted the first Scratch computer programming workshop with 15 local kids aged from 7 years and up on a Sunday for an hour.

Build Web Pages: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Expanded from a visual programming language, Scratch to HTML, CSS & JavaScript programming workshops, running 3 one hour sessions on Sunday afternoons. Had to increase the hiring of the school's classroom to accomodate the increased demand of local kids wanting to learn coding.

Python Programming

Due to demand, Python Programming was introduced, and the Sunday afternoon coding sessions increased to 4 hours, and kids from other areas were travelling far and wide to attend our workshops. 

2019: Coding Workshops for Kids Journey Ends

Due to personal changes, regrettably Coding Workshops for Kids closed its coding sessions despite the growing demand for its continuation from parents and kids alike. We were thrilled and proud to have sparked coding joy in many children.

Media & Awards

Northern District Times Media Coding Workshops July 2018

District Northern Times Newspaper

July 2018, Coding Workshops for Kids were featured as the Main Cover Story on the The District Northern Times newspaper with the title: 'Ahead of the game'

Coding Workshops for Kids Finalists for Outstanding Education Service 2018 Northern District Local Business Awards

Local Business Awards: Finalist, 2018

In 2018, Coding Workshops for Kids were Finalists in Outstanding Education Service category by the Northern Districts Local Business Awards.

2020: Online Coding Courses for Kids and Parents

Due to popular demand, Coding Workshops for Kids is making a comeback but this time, we are returning as ONLINE COURSES, kids and parents can undertake together or individually. 

So, Coding Workshops for Kids doesn't conduct any classroom based workshops but offers ONLINE CODING COURSES, FREE & MEMBER based, fun and easy to learn bite-sized video and text lessons across text-based programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python Programming.

Exploring Programming Languages


Today, nearly all web pages are written using HTML (HyperText MarkUp Language) code. HTML is a great way of creating the basic structure of your webpage. HTML documents are made up of individual HTML elements. Elements are created using Opening and Closing tags. Each tag is the name of the element enclosed in angle brackets (<>). The content goes between the tags. Each HTML tag is an instruction to your web browser, telling it how to show the content on your screen.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language that works with HTML to make your web page look good. HTML looks very boring on its own, so you use CSS to change the colour, font and position of text and images. CSS will let you make a piece of text bigger or smaller, change your background colour or position an image in the centre of a page.


JavaScript is a very important programming language because it brings web pages to life by making them interactive. An interactive web page changes when the user does something. So if you want your user to be able to click on a button, or an alert to pop up, you need to use JavaScript. If you use HTML and CSS without JavaScript, you will have a web page that looks great but doesn't respond to the user.


Python is one of the most popular computer programming languages in the world. It is a text-based computer programming language. You write the instructions using a mixture of English words, punctuation characters, symbols and numbers. Python is portable. This means you can write and run Python code on lots of different computers. It is used to build millions of apps, games and websites.

Preview:  What is Python Programming? Video Lesson

This is a preview of a video lesson looking at Python Programming Getting Started: What is Python Programming?