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Why learn Python? | Coding Workshops for Kids, Epping 2121

Why learn Python? Watch this video re-post of WHY kids should learn Python! What can you build with Python?

TouchDevelop – Understanding the power of code in game development | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW

TouchDevelop - Understanding the power of code | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW We explored looking at a

Scratch Coding – First Workshop | #learntocode | Coding Sydney, Epping

Scratch Coding - First Workshop for Kids & Teachers | Coding Sydney - Epping NSW Welcome Back to our Scratch #coders and

Girls who code! | #learntocode | Coding Workshops for Kids

This video by Cover Girl is truly powerful and inspirational. Fantastic to learn why these girls love coding. The main message -

Why learning about computers and coding is essential?

Computers and Coding Courtesy of splash.abc.net.au, please watch their video on Computers and Coding. Whilst viewing the video, think about the following:

How do computer programs use variables?*

Computer programs use variables to store information. Variables could be used to store the score in a game, the number of cars

Why is the study of Digital Technologies important for kids?*

The Australian Curriculum of Digital Technologies for Australian Kids What is Digital Technology? Digital technology is not just about playing games on

What is ‘coding’ or programming?*

What is 'coding' or programming? What does Algorithm, Decomposition, Abstraction and Logical Sequencing mean? The word ‘coding’ is often used interchangeably with

What is so important about Computational Thinking?*

You can get better at figuring things out on your own when you know a few 'thinking' tricks. These tricks are unique

What is Design Thinking?*

Design Thinking changes the way you tackle problems. Design Thinking encourages people to explore alternatives, creating options that were non-existent before. Design

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