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Girls who code! | #learntocode | Coding Workshops for Kids

This video by Cover Girl is truly powerful and inspirational. Fantastic to learn why these girls love coding. The main message -

Why learning about computers and coding is essential?

Computers and Coding Courtesy of splash.abc.net.au, please watch their video on Computers and Coding. Whilst viewing the video, think about the following:

How do computer programs use variables?*

Computer programs use variables to store information. Variables could be used to store the score in a game, the number of cars

Why is the study of Digital Technologies important for kids?*

The Australian Curriculum of Digital Technologies for Australian Kids What is Digital Technology? Digital technology is not just about playing games on

What is ‘coding’ or programming?*

What is 'coding' or programming? What does Algorithm, Decomposition, Abstraction and Logical Sequencing mean? The word ‘coding’ is often used interchangeably with

What is so important about Computational Thinking?*

You can get better at figuring things out on your own when you know a few 'thinking' tricks. These tricks are unique

What is Design Thinking?*

Design Thinking changes the way you tackle problems. Design Thinking encourages people to explore alternatives, creating options that were non-existent before. Design

What is Systems Thinking?*

Systems Thinking is a holistic process to solving problems. It is about looking at the system as a whole rather than as

[Educational Video]: What’s in your digital footprint?

When students engage in online activities and share information on the internet, it is ideal they understand what kind of a digital

What is the difference between ICT and Digital Technologies?

Did you know that ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology? ICT in education means teaching and learning with ICT. The Australian