School Holiday Activity: Scratch Computer Programming Workshop

What do kids learn at a School Holiday Scratch Computer Programming Workshop? There are so many life skills as well as coding

Why learn Scratch programming?

Why learn Scratch programming? Every parent or educator should be familiar with Scratch or coding. Knowing code and knowing how to program

Scratch Coding – First Workshop | #learntocode | Coding Sydney, Epping

Scratch Coding - First Workshop for Kids & Teachers | Coding Sydney - Epping NSW Welcome Back to our Scratch #coders and

Is your child equipped with Computational Thinking – The Skill of the 21st Century?

Australian kids should be aware of computational thinking because the concept of computational thinking is a key component of the Australian Curriculum

Should Kids Learn Coding?

Are you thinking whether your kids should learn coding? Think no more. Kids Should Learn Coding. Encourage your kids and give them