May 24, 2018

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parents

by codingworkshop

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parents

We launched our first Coding class for Preschool kids, an interactive coding class involving primarily ‘unplugged activities’ like singing, dancing, playing Simon Says games and giving simple but specific instructions to one another and programming the ‘instructions’ we had fun exploring using ScratchJr, a free downloadable app specifically designed for tablet use.

The preschoolers with their parent brought their own iPads or tablets with ScratchJr downloaded, ready to use for programming but our focus was learning how to give and follow instructions playing fun unplugged activities like Simon Says games.

Parents with their children practised listening to and following instructions skills playing Simon Says games, and sweated a bit ‘hopping like a frog’, ‘jumping up and down’, ‘flying like a plane’, and ‘mooing like a cow’. Lots of squeals and laughter was had by all.

Coding Class for Preschool Kids

Two important computing concepts, instructions and sequencing, were introduced through various interactive activities and concluded the coding playground with an introduction to ScratchJr.

We wanted the preschoolers to understand the following:

  • The concept of programming
  • The concept of instructions
  • The concept of sequencing

At the end of the code class, preschoolers were able to give specific instructions like ‘turn right, 3 times’ or ‘move forward 2 steps’ and sequence instructions to achieve simple objectives like programming their parent to move to the end of the classroom.

To wrap up our coding class, we explored ScratchJr, and looked at the following skills:

  • Move blocks into the scripting area
  • Use blocks in scripting area as buttons
  • Select a block category
  • Save a project

What a fun, creative and an interactive coding adventure we had! 

JOIN US – Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parents.

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