Why learn Python? | Coding Workshops for Kids, Epping 2121

Why learn Python? Watch this video re-post of WHY kids should learn Python! What can you build with Python? Whose tech giants' apps built on Python? Why Python is an easy language

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TouchDevelop – Understanding the power of code in game development | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW

TouchDevelop - Understanding the power of code | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW We explored looking at a game that didn't quite work well or do much and our mission was

Scratch Coding – First Workshop | #learntocode | Coding Sydney, Epping

Scratch Coding - First Workshop for Kids & Teachers | Coding Sydney - Epping NSW Welcome Back to our Scratch #coders and a warm welcome to our new Scratchers! It was fantastic to see the

Girls who code! | #learntocode | Coding Workshops for Kids

This video by Cover Girl is truly powerful and inspirational. Fantastic to learn why these girls love coding. The main message - with digital technologies knowledge you can create super cool solutions people everywhere need

Why learning about computers and coding is essential?

Computers and Coding Courtesy of splash.abc.net.au, please watch their video on Computers and Coding. Whilst viewing the video, think about the following: Do you know how computers display web pages with images, different headings and

How do computer programs use variables?*

Computer programs use variables to store information. Variables could be used to store the score in a game, the number of cars in a car park or the cost of items on a till. They

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