School Holiday Activity: Scratch Computer Programming Workshop

What do kids learn at a School Holiday Scratch Computer Programming Workshop? There are so many life skills as well as coding concepts and programming skills kids as young as 8 can pick up and

What do preschoolers learn at a coding playgroup?

Introducing Instructions and Sequences to Preschoolers at a coding playgroup. One hour at a coding playgroup, time slips away very quickly because the major portion of the coding class is spent on 'unplugged activities' like

Why is it important for kids to learn coding? | Coding | Programming

Coding | Programming | Kids Learning to Code Look around you and what do you see? Computers, apps and digital technologies surround us in everything we do, and they shape our day to day decisions.

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parents

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parents We launched our first Coding class for Preschool kids, an interactive coding class involving primarily ‘unplugged activities’ like singing, dancing, playing Simon Says games and giving simple but

Learning Python via a LIVE Online Coding Class

Learning programming like Python made easy via a LIVE Online Coding Class!   It's wonderful to see the enthusiasm and the want to learn coding even if you cannot physically attend coding classes

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Why learn Scratch programming?

Why learn Scratch programming? Every parent or educator should be familiar with Scratch or coding. Knowing code and knowing how to program is an essential 21st century skill and a must-have skill of the future.

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