How do computer programs use variables?*

Computer programs use variables to store information. Variables could be used to store the score in a game, the number of cars in a car park or the cost of items on a till. They

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Why is the study of Digital Technologies important for kids?*

The Australian Curriculum of Digital Technologies for Australian Kids What is Digital Technology? Digital technology is not just about playing games on a computer. It is much more than that. It is about shaping our

What is ‘coding’ or programming?*

What is 'coding' or programming? What does Algorithm, Decomposition, Abstraction and Logical Sequencing mean? The word ‘coding’ is often used interchangeably with the word ‘programming’. Coding has become a popular ‘buzz-word’ and is used by

What is so important about Computational Thinking?*

You can get better at figuring things out on your own when you know a few 'thinking' tricks. These tricks are unique ways of looking at and solving problems. What are the 4 Thinking Tricks?

What is Design Thinking?*

Design Thinking changes the way you tackle problems. Design Thinking encourages people to explore alternatives, creating options that were non-existent before. Design Thinking is successful because it focuses on the needs of the user. It's

What is Systems Thinking?*

Systems Thinking is a holistic process to solving problems. It is about looking at the system as a whole rather than as separate parts. It's about seeing the bigger picture, it's about understanding that problems

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