Is your child equipped with Computational Thinking – The Skill of the 21st Century?

Australian kids should be aware of computational thinking because the concept of computational thinking is a key component of the Australian Curriculum for Digital Technology studies, and it IS the skill of the 21st century!

What is World Wide Web (www)?

Listen to the Audio File: What is World Wide Web (www)?

What is an APP (Application)?

Listen to the audio file: What is an App?

Should Kids Learn Coding?

Are you thinking whether your kids should learn coding? Think no more. Kids Should Learn Coding. Encourage your kids and give them the opportunity to learn coding because it will be an essential skill set

Learn HTML & CSS to Build Websites VIDEO

Learn HTML & CSS to Build Websites VIDEO What is HTML? What is a HTML element? What is CSS? Why do you need CSS? Watch an animated video to help you understand HTML & CSS.

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What is HTML?

When it comes to building web pages, the three most common computer languages used are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML stands for HyperText Mark Up Language. Pretty much all web pages are created using HTML

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