Computer Basics: Lesson 1 | What is a computer?

Lesson 1

What is a computer?

Computers are electronic devices that can process information.

Computers can accept data as an input, process this data into information, store information for future uses, and output the information whenever it is needed.

Computers can be large or tiny, and can perform lots of complex tasks.

Some examples of a computer are a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.

Computers exist inside cash machines like an ATM (Automated Teller Machine), game consoles, washing machines, cars and many other household items.

2. Why computers are important

Computers are an important part of our lives today. We use them all the time to do many different things.

Some of the different things we use computers for, include:

  • typing documents or letters
  • playing games, music and videos
  • sending emails
  • selling or shopping online
  • banking
  • browsing the web

Your Turn: 

Review Question: Why do you think computers are important?

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