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What is the difference between ICT and Digital Technologies?

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Did you know that ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology?

ICT in education means teaching and learning with ICT.

The Australian Curriculum explains why ICT is an important feature in the school curriculum:

In the Australian Curriculum, students develop Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school and in their lives beyond school. ICT capability involves students learning to make the most of the digital technologies available to them, adapting to new ways of doing things as technologies evolve and limiting the risks to themselves and others in a digital environment.

In terms of Digital Technologies, the Australian Curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students:

  • investigate, design, plan, manage, create and evaluate solutions
  • are creative, innovative and enterprising when using traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies, and understand how technologies have developed over time
  • make informed and ethical decisions about the role, impact and use of technologies in the economy, environment and society for a sustainable future
  • engage confidently with and responsibly select and manipulate appropriate technologies − materials, data, systems, components, tools and equipment − when designing and creating solutions
  • critique, analyse and evaluate problems, needs or opportunities to identify and create solutions.

Key Differences

ICT capability enables students to effectively use ICT and understand how to use them, for example, if you were creating a presentation, you would use Power Point or Key Note. It also includes safe use and good online practices.

So, ICT is about understanding how to use the ICT capabilities whereas digital technologies is about understanding HOW those capabilities are created, and developing a literacy in coding which underpins the ability to create technology.

Digital technologies is also about learning the structure of digital systems such as hardware and software.

As explained simply, ICT is knowing how to play a game whereas Digital Technologies is about ‘creating’ the game people play.

Enjoy the Start with Code video (included) produced by Google Australia to understand Why Code?



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