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Get Coding: Learn HTML & CSS

At Epping North Public School, we will be running a HTML & CSS Holiday Camp, great for Beginners and for attendees of the Mission 1 – Build a Web Page HTML & CSS Programme.

If you are new to HTML & CSS, this camp will be great for you to get to know HTML & CSS basics, and create a simple web page.

If you are familiar or you have completed our Mission 1 – Build a Web Page program, then use this time to enrich, extend and create various web pages using your HTML & CSS coding skills.

There will be an array of different HTML & CSS basics to learn and practice.

Beginners can start from the basic and work their way through to get a good overview of HTML & CSS, and then enrol to complete the 8 Week Program, listed below.

For completed Mission 1 – Build a Webpage coders, the camp time can be used to revise, review and design different web pages!

More Information:

  • Limited to maximum of 12
  • Each attendee will be provided with their own laptop to use during the camp with WIFI connection.
  • We will use NotePad (Text Editing Program).
  • Attendees should come to the camp with an enthusiasm to learn and explore HTML & CSS.
  • A short 20 minute break will be had where the kids can have a snack.
  • Each attendee should bring a bottle of water and a nutritious snack.

Please find detailed information about our Mission 1 – Build a Web Page program, we will explore at our camp.

For beginners, how much will be covered will be dependant on each attendee’s level of interest and ability to move through the lesson plans.

Mission 1 – Build a Web Page Program

We will be using the Get Coding book by the Young Rewired State, a worldwide community of digital-makers aged 18 and under.

The Get Coding! book will not only teach you how to code, but also show you how fun and exciting it can be.

Coding is one of the most important skills young people can learn and there’s never been a better time to master it.

Together with the Get Coding! book and access to the www.getcodingkids.com website, we will learn how to code using three (3) essential programming languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

HTML, CSS & Javascript are three of the most important programming languages in the world. They are used by web developers to build the websites and web-based apps and games you use everyday.

In the workshops, following the book, you will learn real-life coding skills you can use to do all kinds of programming.

Get Coding! Workshops

There are six (6) exciting missions in Get Coding!. Our mission is to work through as a group each of the missions and learn how to code HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Mission 1: Build a Webpage

In Mission 1 you are going to learn how to code in the programming languages HTML and CSS. Start off by learning what HTML is and how it works. Then use HTML tags to create a web page. Learn how to change the way your web page looks by coding paragraphs and line breaks, adding images and dividing your page into sections.

Then learn how you can use HTML with a new programming language called CSS. Change the layout and design of your web page by altering the colour, size and shape of your elements. Finally in the Do It Yourself Task use your new skills to build a web page of your own.

Code Skills: What will we learn in Mission 1


  • What is HTML?
  • What is CSS?
  • What is Javascript?

Files & Folders

  • Creating a folder
  • Creating a HTML File
  • Saving your HTML File
  • Opening your HTML File

Writing HTML

  • Learn how to structure a HTML web page and code a simple page with a title and text

Coding Paragraphs & Line Breaks

  • Use the paragraph and line break HTML tags to create breaks in your web page

Adding Images

  • Add images saved on your computer or from the internet to your web page using the image tag.

Creating Sections

  • Learn how to divide your web page into sections by grouping pieces of content together.

Writing CSS

  • Start coding with CSS by using the style attribute to set a CSS property and value.

Using more than 1 CSS property

  • Use more than one CSS property at a time to change the design of your web page.

Using CSS Classes & Class Attribute

  • Create CSS Classes and apply them to your web page using the class attribute.

Workshop Details: 8 Week 60 Minute Workshops, 5pm – 605pm

Appropriate for kids 9+ with no coding experience or knowledge required.

Each attendee will be provided with a Get Coding! book and a laptop with WIFI connection to use during the workshop.

Attendees do not need to bring anything but their enthusiasm & passion to learn coding plus a bottle of water!

Workshops will involve reading and solving the coding challenges together as a group as well as individually.

Once you have mastered Mission 1, then you can move onto the other missions.

Mission 1 is the pre-requisite to the following Missions:

Mission 2: Creating a Password

Mission 3: Build an App

Mission 4: Maps & Planning Routes

Mission 5: Make a Game

Mission 6: Your Finished Website