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Creative Coding with Games & Apps

Creative Coding with Games and Apps is an introduction to programming and computer science concepts for everyone. In this class, you will learn to design, program and publish games stored in the cloud that run on any platform.



You will learn coding skills using TouchDevelop, an easy to learn and powerful programming language developed by Microsoft.

In this course, you’ll explore these questions:

Unit 1 – How do I make games using TouchDevelop? What makes them fun?

Unit 2 – How do I use randomization in my games to increase the challenge?

Unit 3 – How do I make my games interact with the player?

Unit 4 – How do I make my games smarter?

Unit 5 – How do I add special effects to my games?

Unit 6 – How do I create my own games? How do I share them with the world?

Unit 7 – How do I create animations?

Unit 8 – How do I make more efficient use of code?

Unit 9 – How do I use ‘the cloud’ to build multi-player games?

Unit 10 – How do I build apps, instead of games?

Unit 11 – How do I protect information in games and apps?

Unit 12 – How do I work as part of a team to design, create and market a game or app?

NOTE: Depending on the length of the course, you may not cover all 12 units.

Keys to Success

  • Be creative.
  • Work hard to learn basic computer science concepts using tutorials, watching videos, and completing hands-on exercises
  • Complete all tutorials with concentration and patience
  • Pay close attention to the tutorial videos
  • Review the tutorials as many times as needed to complete the challenges and activities
  • Help each other to be good team members in collaborative activities
  • Be patient with yourself and each other. You are learning.
  • Be curious, Try new things.
  • Respect the classroom, materials, the facilitator and your fellow students.
  • Be an active learner every minute of every class. There are many, many opportunities in this class. Challenge yourself.
  • Be an independent learner. Experiment, Discover something new and share it with the entire class.

Workshop Details: 8 Week 1.5 hr Workshops, 430pm – 6pm

Appropriate for kids 10+ with no coding experience or knowledge required.

  • Each attendee will be provided with a laptop and earphones with WIFI connection to use during the workshop.
  • Each attendee will be provided with an login to use the programming platform.
  • Attendees do not need to bring anything but their enthusiasm & passion to learn coding plus a bottle of water and a folder to hold hand outs!
  • Workshops will involve reading and solving the coding challenges together as a group as well as individually.

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