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Scratch Coding Classes for Kids: Learn to Code | Ages 7 – 10+ | Sunday Afternoon: 315pm – 415pm | Epping North PS

At Epping North Public School, we run Scratch Coding Workshops for Kids, great for Beginners to Advanced Scratch coders, to learn computer concepts and code games to play, and not just play them!

There will be an array of different Scratch projects to create, from the basics to more advanced Scratch coding.

Your kids can choose the different Scratch projects to tackle and explore, and all of the Scratch projects’ lesson plans will be available to support their creativity and exploration.

Importance of Coding / Programming

Computer programming or coding is a crucial skill every child should be learning.

We use computers to solve problems, play games, help us to work more effectively, perform repetitive tasks, store and recall information, create something new, and connect with our friends and the world.

Understanding how to code is empowering!

Everyone can learn to code – it’s just like solving a puzzle or a riddle.

Learn to code like a real programmer using text-based language!

“My son just loves it!. These are a wonderful set of coding courses for kids. The children are challenged, learn the fundamentals of coding different platforms, come hom bubbling and wanting to do more away from class. The key part of any review is would he go again? Well, he’s on his third course. Say no more!’ – John, Parent

“Hi Jenny, Zimo loves the computer class and will definitely continue next term.” – Yu, Parent

“Thanks Jenny. Anna has looooved her course!” – Tanya, Parent

Why kids should learn to code

Coding is fun!

Technology is becoming a part of everyday life. Every company, organisation and cause can benefit from technology. There are apps to help you buy, give, join, play, volunteer, connect, share – just about anything you can imagine.

Instead of just playing games, get kids to make their own game. They can create their own phone app!

With coding, you can bring to an idea to life by programming it on a computer.

Every program, game, system or app you know was coded using the same programming building blocks like Python which you’ll learn.

When you program, you are taking an active role in technology – you’re not just having fun, you’re making something fun!

Coding is a Valuable Job Skill

Coding is the skill of the 21st century. Jobs today require more problem-solving ability than ever before, and more and more careers involve technology as an integral requirement.

People who can program – and thus solve problems quickly and effectively – are highly valued in today’s world, and they get to do interesting, fulfilling work.

If you can code, you can solve problems.

Problem solvers have the power to make the world a better place!

Scratch Car Crossy Game

Scratch Space Invaders Game

Scratch Space Invaders Code Blocks

Oh, the cool Scratch coding games & concepts you’ll learn!

Getting Started with Scratch – BEGINNERS

    • Add a Sound
    • Start a Dance
    • Again and again
    • Say Something
    • Green Flag
    • Change Colour
    • Key Press
    • Add a Background
    • Add a Sprite
    • Explor

How to write games, animations and stories using Scratch – MEDIUM to ADVANCED

  • a. Under the Sea Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Curricular Links
    • Problem solving
    • XY Co-ordinates
    • Moving Left & Right, Up & Down

    b. In the Jungle Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Curricular Links
    • Problem solving
    • XY Co-ordinates
    • Angles, Glide and Turn
    • Art & Science

    c. Battle of the Bands Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Sequencing
    • Time
    • Importing & Using Sounds
    • Mathematics
    • Music

    d. A Cartoon About Me Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Curricular Links
    • Problem Solving
    • Importing Pictures & Editing
    • Mathematics, Arts & Geography

    e. In the Garden Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Curricular Links
    • Problem Solving
    • Using Pen features
    • Drawing & Repeated Drawing
    • Mathematics, Art

    f. Mini Game Design Project

    • Mathematical Skills / Concepts
    • Scratch features
    • Problem Solving
    • Variables
    • Time Variable
    • Sensing
    • Mathematics, Art and Language

Kids Love Us:

“It is really fun. It improves my coding skills. You should join.” – Josh, 10

“I would tell my friends that it is a lot of fun and we get to learn how to code apps and websites.”

Need to ask anything about our awesome coding workshops?

Call Us: 0428 198 953

Email Us: info@codingworkshopsforkids.com.au

Please Note:

  • All laptops with WIFI are provided.
  • Attendees limited to a maximum of 12 coders.
  • We expect all attendees to be attentive and focused on learning coding and not get distracted or distract other learners!
  • If you are new to Scratch, then an online Scratch account will be set up which is Free and available to use at anytime.
  • We will be filming and taking photographs of the children in our workshop. By registering a child’s attendance at this workshop, parents/guardians grant Coding Workshops for Kids a perpetual licence to use the student’s work, photographs or videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicising or promoting our workshops/events and the students’ accomplishments on Coding Workshops for Kids’ website or on our partners’ websites.


My child is new to computer programming or coding. Will they be OK to follow the workshop?

Yes, the camp is aimed at children aged 7 to 10 years plus with no experience in coding or programming skills.

How old should my child be?

We recommend from 7 years to 10 years plus.

We have enrolled, what do we do next?

A reminder email will be sent to you a day before the workshop with all the exact venue and classroom details.