June 27, 2017

What is so important about Computational Thinking?*

by codingworkshop

You can get better at figuring things out on your own when you know a few ‘thinking’ tricks. These tricks are unique ways of looking at and solving problems.

What are the 4 Thinking Tricks?

When you break down a big problem into a smaller pieces you’re using your brain to DECOMPOSE the big problem. Once we decomposed the big problem into several smaller problems we can try the next trick which is called PATTERN MATCH.

Pattern Match is when we look for similarities between things. Once we find the things that are the same we can figure out what things are different and when we remove those differences, this is called ABSTRACTION.

After we have figured out the steps to solving a problem we can put those steps in a specific order called an ALGORITHM so that anyone can use our directions to solve problems.

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*[Source: Computational Thinking by code.org]



Abstraction, Algorithms, Decomposition, Pattern Match

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