May 15, 2018

Learning Python via a LIVE Online Coding Class

by codingworkshop

Learning programming like Python made easy via a LIVE Online Coding Class!

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It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm and the want to learn coding even if you cannot physically attend coding classes as it seems it’s just as effective, easy and convenient to learn programming languages like Python, Scratch, HTML & CSS online from the comfort of your home!

Using an online meeting tool, we were able to connect online, and run a coding session just like we would at a face-to-face workshop. Using the screen-sharing feature, we were able to present our lesson notes, conduct live programming using Python’s IDLE program, and we were able to run our programs, and explore the lines of code to understand why such a function is needed and the purpose of having a particular syntax here and there and got to experience syntax errors popping up and understanding why errors popped up!

The best part about a live online coding session was the ease in using digital technology to learn programming skills from literally anywhere you are as long as you are connected! This reduces the time it takes to travel to a physical location, we make effective use of our time and we are embracing and adopting the use of digital technology in learning to become digital technology solution producers!

If you would like to JOIN our LIVE Online Coding Sessions, we run weekly after-school sessions on a Monday evening from 730pm to 830pm. The sessions are conducted in the area of Sydney, Australia. Send Us an email to REGISTER your INTEREST.

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LIVE Online Coding Classes

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