Inspiring Kids to Learn to Code

Coding Workshops for Kids are passionate about introducing ‘computer programming’ to children to create empowered ‘coders’.

Computer science is for everyone! Anyone can learn if they want to, and we like to facilitate workshop style experiences for everyone to have fun and learn the power of coding.

Coding Workshops for Kids was started by a mum with two young kids, eager to introduce creative computing concepts to her own children but couldn’t find a workshop in her local area so she decided to set one up herself, and host coding sessions and make it accessible to the local community.

Learning how to code is also going to help your children develop fluidity in their thinking. 

1. Creative computing is …. CREATIVITY

Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.

2. Creative computing is …. EMPOWERMENT

Creative computing emphasises the knowledge, practices, and fundamental literacies that young people need to create the types of dynamic and interactive computational media that they enjoy in their daily lives.

3. Creative computing is …. COMPUTING

Engaging in the creation of computational artifacts prepares young people for more than careers as computer scientists or programmers. It supports young people’s development as computational thinkers – individuals who can draw on computational concepts, practices, and perspectives in all aspects of their lives, across disciplines and contexts.

*ScratchEd Research Team