Scratch Coding – First Workshop for Kids & Teachers | Coding Sydney – Epping NSW

Welcome Back to our Scratch #coders and a warm welcome to our new Scratchers!

It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm flowing on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon at Epping North Public School.

Sophie and Alex, siblings, came back to join us again. It was pleasing to see the smiles on their faces and an immediate enthusiasm to go straight to their assigned laptops and jump onto their Scratch editor!

It was great also to see Michael and Aaron come back and I was impressed to see their friends join our coding workshop for the first time. Nice to see buddies and mates having fun and learning coding concepts together.

We cannot forget to mention our new Scratchers – Zimo and Dominic as well as we had a special guest, a teacher, who joined our workshop to learn more about how Scratch could be introduced to her students as a way of inspiring them to enjoy learning and to use creative coding programs to capture their desire and attention to want to learn including things like digital, technology and coding.

Watch the vlog to see what we explored in Scratch.

JOIN US: Sunday Scratch Coding Workshops at Epping North Public School