SCRATCH Coding Workshops for Kids | 23 July to 10 Sept, Sundays 4pm – 5pm

Scratch Computer Programming Workshops – 23 July to 10 Sept, Sundays, 4pm – 5pm At Epping North Public School, we will be resuming our Scratch

Why is the study of Digital Technologies important for kids?*

The Australian Curriculum of Digital Technologies for Australian Kids What is Digital Technology? Digital technology is not just about playing games on

What is ‘coding’ or programming?*

What is 'coding' or programming? What does Algorithm, Decomposition, Abstraction and Logical Sequencing mean? The word ‘coding’ is often used interchangeably with

What is so important about Computational Thinking?*

You can get better at figuring things out on your own when you know a few 'thinking' tricks. These tricks are unique