Python Programming for Kids | Epping North PS |

Python Programming for Kids: Ages 10 - 16+ years | Sunday Afternoon | 8 Week Program Python is a simple, powerful programming

Scratch Coding Class for Kids | Epping North PS

Scratch Coding Classes for Kids: Learn to Code | Ages 7 - 10+ | Sunday Afternoon: 315pm - 415pm | Epping North

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parent – Coding Playgroup at Epping North PS

Coding Class for Preschool Kids with Parent or Grandparent - A Coding Playgroup for Ages 4 - 6 | Sunday Afternoons, 215pm

School Holiday Coding Class: Python Programming for Beginners | Epping North PS

School Holiday Coding Classes: Learn Python Programming for Beginners | Ages 12 - 16 years+ | Epping North PS | 930am -

Why is it important for kids to learn coding? | Coding | Programming

Coding | Programming | Kids Learning to Code Look around you and what do you see? Computers, apps and digital technologies surround

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