SCRATCH Coding Workshops for Kids | 23 July to 10 Sept, Sundays 4pm – 5pm

Scratch Computer Programming Workshops – 23 July to 10 Sept, Sundays, 4pm – 5pm At Epping North Public School, we will be resuming our Scratch

Is your child equipped with Computational Thinking – The Skill of the 21st Century?

Australian kids should be aware of computational thinking because the concept of computational thinking is a key component of the Australian Curriculum

Scratch Computer Programming Workshops for Kids (8 -12)

7 Week Fundamental Computational Concepts & Practices Week 1 - Getting Started Week 2 - Exploration Week 3 - Animations Week 4

What are the 7 Computational Thinking Concepts?

What are the 7 Computational Concepts? 1. Sequences A key concept in programming is that a particular activity or task is