Why learning about computers and coding is essential?

Computers and Coding Courtesy of splash.abc.net.au, please watch their video on Computers and Coding. Whilst viewing the video, think about the following:

Should Kids Learn Coding?

Are you thinking whether your kids should learn coding? Think no more. Kids Should Learn Coding. Encourage your kids and give them

Learn HTML & CSS to Build Websites VIDEO

Learn HTML & CSS to Build Websites VIDEO What is HTML? What is a HTML element? What is CSS? Why do you

Introduction to Scratch Computer Programming for Kids (Age 8 – 12)

Get to build your own band, design animated creatures and create a music video. Create interactive worlds through collaborative storytelling. Practice game design using mechanics like scores and levels.

What are the 7 Computational Thinking Concepts?

What are the 7 Computational Concepts? 1. Sequences A key concept in programming is that a particular activity or task is

What is creative computing?

  What is Creative Computing? 1. Creative computing is about creativity. Computer science and computing-related fields have long been introduced to young