February 13

TouchDevelop – Understanding the power of code in game development | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW

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TouchDevelop – Understanding the power of code | Coding & Computer Science Concepts Workshop | Epping NSW

We explored looking at a game that didn’t quite work well or do much and our mission was to:

  1. Fix the code
  2. Play the Game
  3. Save Bot.

The coders were introduced to Bot, a robot who needs to dodge all the obstacles in the sky. In order for Bot to avoid the obstacles, the coders had to change coding to make the obstacles move and to enable Bot to fly up and down by clicking a mouse or  touching a tablet screen.

This activity reinforced the understanding of what code is, and that, it is a precise set of instructions.

The idea was to see what codes or ‘instructions’ look like and what it actually instructs the game to do and how to change some codes so the game could be programmed to make the user experience a lot more interesting and fun to play.

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coding, Computer Concepts, Computer Science Education, Game Development

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