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Why is the study of Digital Technologies important for kids?*

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The Australian Curriculum of Digital Technologies for Australian Kids

What is Digital Technology?

Digital technology is not just about playing games on a computer. It is much more than that. It is about shaping our future and changing the world.

This is why the Australian curriculum for Digital Technologies studies is aimed at developing Australian kids to become future digital leaders and solution creators rather than relying on solutions produced overseas.

The way we live is strongly dependent and driven by digital technology. It is crucial and essential kids are not only are smart users of technology but understand how technology works, how it gets built to how it benefits society and users.

Learning areas in Digital Technologies

The Digital Technology learning area incorporates computational thinking, which is a set of specific skills that enable us to solve problems and create solutions with digital technologies.

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The Australian curriculum enables students to explore fundamental concepts of computational thinking, including understanding algorithmic problem solving processes and how data is used. It also allows students to gain an understanding of how hardware is composed, and introduce them to ethical and social issues associated with Digital Technologies.

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*[Source: CSER F – 6 Digital Technologies – Extended]


Algorithms, computer programming, Digital Technologies, Problem Solving

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